The Minotaur’s Apologue

Added “The Minotaur’s Apologue” to the site under “Writings VI.

The Minotaur’s Apologue
Pity the poet
Too blind to see
The world as it is,
Not as he wills it to be.

Hearing the music
Of days long gone by,
His ears soundly deafened
To the end of replies.

No more the warm touch
Of sun-bathed fall
Where frequented mem’ries
Had last been recalled,

Where fragrant aromas
Past thickets of stone
Wafted down gently
Where he still sat alone.

Since tasting defeat
Oh, its almondesque tang!
How initially sweet,
Yet now with sharp pangs

The senses are dulled
Yet stirred all the same,
By sojourns to freedom
Far from that fair flame.



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