Treble ClefMusic was not always as important to me as it is now. I remember many tearful nights at the piano, where I sat in seemingly fruitless toil, practicing well after dark. Thanks to the persistence of my mother and the firm patience of my teachers, I can now look back and appreciate their efforts.

Like those first hesitant pecks at the keys, writing music used to be like pulling teeth: painful and uncertain. The act of composition still does not come easily to me, but I’ve learned to trust my ear, if not my voice. Music is like a language that grows sweeter on the tongue the more one speaks it, and it speaks to me in deeper ways that I feel I am just beginning to discover.

The music I write draws from many different styles and is influenced by a wide range of genres. I have always been fond of acoustic guitar and the clean, natural sound a well-tuned piano makes, so I enjoy writing songs which rely solely on acoustic minimalism without too many electronic influences.

I pray that the keys God has placed in my hands continue to open doors.

1 Yesterday’s Fool: This song describes the emotionally wintry solitude I was experiencing at the time, despite the fact that the Cleveland weather was well past its infamous lake-effect snow season. I haven’t recorded the vocal portion yet, but hope to join the words to the music shortly. Download
2 Goodbye: Regret is a powerful emotion, especially when it accompanies the realization that the reason for your regret cannot be remedied by any power on earth. I once missed the chance to say a heartfelt “Thank You” to someone who showed me the path to take, and when I looked back after arriving at my destination, she was gone. I resolved to never say “Goodbye” in quite the same circumstances again. Download
3 Waiting: Have you ever waited for an interminable eternity for something? Or someone? Or simply for a change in your life? This is my humble attempt at sketching out that experience. Download
4 Kaleidoscope: Something I heard while looking through the Kaleidoscope. Download
5 Lord, We Come: A little hymn I wrote. Download
6 I’ll Be Home for Christmas: This is one of my favorite songs, and one of my favorite arrangements (by Mike Kocour) which I’ve tweaked a bit. It really evokes feelings of melancholy and fond memories of years past. Download
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© 2008 Christopher C. Chan


2 thoughts on “Music

  1. Johnny says:

    Chris — really enjoyed listening to these. Your writing sounds very free and easy, as you’ve described it above. I pray that God will bless your efforts to write and speak through you as you do. Hope all is well, man.

  2. Mike Lo says:

    Hey Chris,

    Just from listening/reading the lyrics to your song you played tonight- I think God’s put you in a place to bless the congregation through leading them with the songs He’s placed in you. Just my take, of course. Glad that you’re with ACCC.


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