Tree in Fall

I graduated from law school not too long ago and am enjoying what life has to offer in Atlanta, Georgia. Actually, I started writing music again because a close friend asked me to help him write a song for his beau. After that project was (mostly) completed, some residual creativity somehow found a way to open the musical floodgates despite the pressures of law school. Half a year later, I am still going back to the proverbial well of inspiration and continually trying to improve my composition techniques.

I think music helps me see things in ways I cannot fully express in words. I am more grateful for the heartfelt encouragement of close friends, the kindness of total strangers, and the love of my family for helping me learn the most important things in life. This website is meant to encapsulate and reflect those lessons, and the lessons I learn daily, in musical form.

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© 2008 Christopher C. Chan


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Leslie says:

    It’s great seeing how much enjoyment you get from music. Hope you’ll be fruitful in composing lots of pieces to share!

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