Music is very personal; those who hear it often come away with a very different interpretation of its meaning than its performer or composer may have originally intended. Although the flexibility in interpreting music is one of its many beautiful characteristics, composers- much like authors- often wish to impart a sense of the original impetus behind the meaning of their music. Thus, a wonderfully benign paradox is created: music is beautiful because of its inherent adaptiveness, but it creates a conflict the composer’s objectivity struggling against the subjectivity of the listener.

Of course, musical interpretations can be parallel; they need not be at odds. The introduction of lyrics, however, complicates things. Lyrics are the insignia of their author, yet may allow the listener to become a subconscious editor, taking in what he or she desires or interpreting them to mean things different from the author’s intention, depending on the degree of specificity present in the lyrics themselves. It is my hope that the music you hear becomes more meaningful as you read the lyrics I have chosen, yet I hope the music also triggers stored up emotions which release themselves in a torrent of mental impressions- the soul of music and essence of its effect.

1 Goodbye
2 Lord, We Come
3 Take My Hand
4 Yesterday’s Fool
5 Pilgrim’s Prayer
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2008 Christopher C. Chan


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