A friend of mine wrote a thought-provoking comment, so I decided to edit this post with an explanation for what I believe it means.

It is true that the essence of life cannot be easily distilled into the example of a simple game, but neither can it be fully captured in a poem, story, prose, painting, sculpture, or any other art form. Yet I think life sometimes does lend itself to abstraction, even to the point of making analogies of life events. Sometimes we have the advantage and relish small victories; other times we experience failure when we lose strategic “battles” or feel as if we’ve lost something quite dear to us.

However, we do sometimes get chances to start over again, to pick ourselves up when we fall, and learn from the bruises we inflict on ourselves. Or perhaps the game of life is one played largely against oneself; when one part wins, another loses. Maybe it’s not always a zero-sum game, but well, I think maybe I’ve taken the explanation too far at this point…

Bishop takes Rook,
How the mighty do fall!
Knight takes Queen,
How they crumble so small.
Then Pawn takes King,
With the air of revolution,
But now the game starts over-
And it’s time for retribution.