Counting down the hours until I must wake
Feeling there’s such little time to do all of what’s at stake
Thoughts collide within my head and battle for attention
Some are happy, some are sad, and some I just can’t mention.

So I’ll be winging my way out of this fair town
Taking it all in while my eyes are looking down
And slowly flip through the verses on thinly printed pages
I’ll hearken to the hoary wisdom of the bygone ages.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the words for what you wanna say
Sometimes you gotta give it up and give it all away
This life we live is not our own, and not for us to keep
Instead it’s meant for so much more, if we do not fall asleep.

But if the night should yield too soon into lasting day
And human eyes shall see no more the visage of my face
I hope the God I serve will beckon me to with Him stay
And men will find that I finished well the course and the race.



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